Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our New Jersey Hair ArtistsHow far in advance should I book my trial?
We recommend that you secure your wedding date as early as possible.  This way your chosen hair / makeup team is secured for your date.  A trial can always be coordinated closer to the wedding day once you are more sure about the look you are going for.

Are you able to accommodate a large party?
Yes – La Sorella has a team of stylists available for you.  We can handle any party size.  In some cases a second stylist is appropriate and sometimes we will request you add on an assistant instead.  This all depends on the size of the party and timing.  Please allow us to assess your situation and decide what is right for YOU!

Should I bring an inspiration photo to the trial?  How should I prep my hair?  What type of payment do you require?
Relax – as soon as you book a trial with us, we will be sending you a formal confirmation email.  This will include all the necessary information you need to prepare you for a wonderful trial experience.  We will walk you through everything.

How long do the trials last and can I see more than one style at my trial appointment? 
A hair trial is about 1 full hour.  A hair and makeup trial is about 2 hours long.  We recommend concentrating on one look at a time.  It can not only get too confusing jumping from one style to another, but it is not smart to constantly be manipulating your hair and / or makeup.   We like to keep things clear while focusing on one style at a time. This is a professional decision we follow with your best interest in mind.

Do I need to sign a contract before meeting with you for a trial?
No, you are able to schedule a trial first if you would like to sample my work before making the decision to book me as your stylist for your wedding day.

Can I bring my friends and family along with me to the trial – this way I can hear everyone’s opinion?
We love to meet  a close friend or family member that you would like to share this experience with.  However, we ask that you keep the number down to 1 or 2 persons.  As much as we do respect other’s opinions, we would really like to work with YOU personally.  You can trust my professional opinion – Lets work more one on one to figure out whats best for YOU that day.

Do you travel?
We travel to all parts of New Jersey, and most parts of New York.
We are open to traveling outside of this area, but additional travel fees would apply.

Do you offer airbrush makeup?
YES, we offer Both airbrush AND traditional makeup.  Deciding which is right for you will take place upon meeting your makeup artist at your trial.  She will have a full consultation with you before she starts your makeup.  At that time you will learn the benefits of choosing one makeup type over the other.

Can you stay during the wedding for touch ups and style changes?
Yes, we can coordinate a package for you. Rates will differ per party depending on the number of hours and type of service your looking for.

What form of payments do you accept?
Cash, checks, and credit cards.